Countless individuals with questionable morals are in the business of fake websites. While some may be promoting threatening applications that can cause a lot of harm, others take a tamer approach. The developers of the website that is the topic of today’s article have taken the latter approach. The website is a dodgy page whose authors’ income depends on hijacking their visitors’ Web browser notifications and spamming them with advertisements relentlessly.

Presents Users with a Fake CAPTCHA Test

There are various tricks that developers of dodgy pages use to mislead users into allowing their shady site to display Web browser notifications. Among these tricks is the fake CAPTCHA technique. The creators of the website have used this trick to get their visitors’ permission to display notifications in their browser. Upon visiting the site, users will be asked to complete a CAPTCHA test that is meant to prove that they are not a robot. Users will be required to click on the ‘Allow’ button if they want to complete the so-called test. However, users who follow the instructions of the site will allow this page to display notifications in the browser, which will prove to be very irritating, certainly. Notifications from fake websites can be particularly annoying as they will make sure to flood the user with advertisements even if they have closed their Web browser.

It is far more likely to come across the website if you are in the habit of browsing low-quality content such as adult entertainment videos, gambling platforms, illicit streaming sites, etc. We would advise you to stay clear from such dodgy pages in the future to minimize the risk of having your Web browser notifications hijacked. Also, make sure to revoke the permissions given to the site via your Web browser settings.


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