GuardGo is a browser hijacker notorious for its intrusive behavior, affecting users' browsing experiences. Here's a detailed look at its characteristics and impact:

  1. Advertisement Injection: GuardGo injects advertisements into websites users visit, disrupting their browsing activities and potentially exposing them to unsafe content. These injected advertisements can appear as pop-ups, banners, or in-text links, often leading to dubious websites [5].
  2. Browser Search Query Redirection: The hijacker redirects users' browser search queries to unwanted or sponsored websites. This redirection not only alters users' intended search results but also exposes them to potentially harmful websites [1].
  3. Use of "Managed by your organization" Policy: GuardGo utilizes the "Managed by your organization" policy, a legitimate feature in browsers like Google Chrome that is often used by organizations for centralized management. However, hijackers abuse this policy to prevent users from easily removing their unsafe extensions or reverting browser settings changes [6].

How GuardGo Works

GuardGo typically infiltrates systems through deceptive installation methods, such as bundled software or fake updates. Once installed, it modifies browser settings without users' consent, including the default search engine, homepage and new tab page. This alteration ensures that users are continually exposed to the hijacker's injected ads and redirected search results.

Impact on Users

The presence of GuardGo can significantly impact users' online activities and overall browsing security:

  • Reduced Browsing Experience: Users may encounter frequent interruptions due to injected advertisements, leading to frustration and inconvenience.
  • Increased Exposure to Unsafe Content: Redirected search queries can lead users to fraudulent websites, increasing the risk of malware infections, phishing attacks, and other online threats.
  • Difficulty in Removal: GuardGo's utilization of the "Managed by your organization" policy makes it challenging for users to uninstall or disable the hijacker, requiring advanced removal techniques or specialized software.

GuardGo poses a significant threat to users' online security and privacy by injecting advertisements and redirecting search queries. Its use of legitimate browser policies to evade removal adds to the challenge of combating this browser hijacker. To mitigate the risks associated with GuardGo, users should exercise caution when installing software, regularly update their browsers and security software, and employ reputable antivirus solutions for detection and removal.

GuardGo  Video

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