Threat Database Adware GS Sustainer

GS Sustainer

By CagedTech in Adware

GS Sustainer is an adware program that promises to optimize movies and videos you want to watch. Although this feature may make your entertaining experience more pleasant, GS Sustainer also may have other not-so-pleasant features that may not be worth is presence on your computer. GS Sustainer may exhibit coupons, pop-up advertisements and related material on the Web pages that you try to visit. These advertisements may prevent you from viewing the original Web page's content, overflowing the search result displayed there. GS Sustainer also may spend your system resources which will cause your machine to become slow and even crash. You should use good sense when resolving if you want to keep GS Sustainer installed on your computer. In case you want to uninstall it, you should use a malware removal tool.


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