Google WebHP Virus

Google WebHP Virus Description

Type: Possibly Unwanted Program

The Google WebHP Virus is a browser hijacker. The Google WebHP Virus' main goal is to force PC users to visit a low quality knock-off of the Google website in order to generate ad revenue. However, the Google WebHP Virus has also been associated with other symptoms such as pop-up windows and forced redirects to a number of other websites. The Google WebHP Virus is not actually a virus. Viruses are typically defined by their ability to corrupt executable files in order to copy themselves and spread throughout a computer and from one computer to another. The so-called Google WebHP Virus is actually a Web browser extension, typically taking the form of a Web browser toolbar that aggressively forces a computer user to view certain online content in order to generate revenues and market known online scams and low quality products.

ESG security researchers have received reports that the Google WebHP Virus itself is often installed along with a free VPN application used by computer users to connect to websites anonymously or to bypass geographical blocks. Although it is possible to opt out from installing the toolbar associated with the Google WebHP Virus, many computer users will not realize the consequences of installing this potentially unwanted program or will simply not realize that they need to opt out. This is a common way in which browser hijackers are spread. Therefore, knowing exactly what is being installed when you download a freeware program is essential.. These kinds of applications often contain installers that also install unwanted browser extensions. This can occur even with legitimate, popular freeware programs, which can be rebundled with a different installer and distributed on third party websites.

Symptoms Associated with the Google WebHP Virus

The main symptom of a Google WebHP Virus infection is the presence of redirects to the low quality search engine associated with this threat. However, other symptoms also occur. For example, the infected computer's security settings may be altered. Google WebHP Virus may change the infected Web browser's homepage and default search engines as well as disable the pop-up window protection. The Google WebHP Virus can cause the infected computer to become slow, crash frequently and become more vulnerable to malware and other kinds of unwanted programs.

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