Threat Database Adware 'Google Pay' Email Virus

'Google Pay' Email Virus

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Google Pay' email virus is a new campaign that targets unsuspecting users online. The people behind the 'Google Pay' email virus are using phishing emails to distribute this threat. Phishing emails like the one used in the 'Google Pay' email virus campaign usually appear to contain an important document that needs to be reviewed immediately, such as a CV, tax return information, job offer, etc. In the case of the 'Google Pay' email virus, the con artists use a bogus Google Pay invoice.

The users targeted by the 'Google Pay' email virus will receive the bogus Google Pay invoice and be asked to review it immediately. The users who fall for this trick will end up downloading a macro-laced file on their systems. The file in question carries the payload of a threat, which will take over the targeted computer. According to researchers, the 'Google Pay' email virus has managed to compromise hundreds of users worldwide. The 'Google Pay' email virus is used to distribute a new threat known as the Taurus Stealer. This new malware is used for reconnaissance operations as it is capable of obtaining a large variety of data from the users that it targets. This nasty threat is able to collect payment information, login credentials, saved auto-fill data, files related to cryptocurrency wallets, personal conversations, etc.

If you come across the 'Google Pay' email virus, make sure you do not open the email or the attachment. Make sure you delete the email from your inbox and report the sender.


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