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'Google Chrome Support Centre' Alerts

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Google Chrome Support Centre' alerts that you may experience in Google Chrome are produced by a JavaScipt code on untrusted pages and misleading advertisements. The 'Google Chrome Support Centre' alerts are not produced by the native security system in Google Chrome. Google Inc. is known to integrate phishing and malware protection into its Web browser, but the 'Google Chrome Support Centre' Alerts are not legitimate. The real security warnings in Google Chrome don’t urge users to call a support line, lock the user’s PC and prevent logging into the user’s favorite services. However, the 'Google Chrome Support Centre' Alerts are designed to play out a series of pop-up messages and force the browser to behave in a way that may convince some PC users that their devices are infected, and they need to call a technical support phone line.

How to Recognize the Fake 'Google Chrome Support Centre' Alerts

We have seen the 'Google Chrome Support Centre' alerts use the default wallpaper for fresh installations of Windows 10 and show a fake program crash message luring PC users to click on a “Check online for a solution and close the program” button and turn on the full-screen mode in Google Chrome. This elaborate behavior is scripted in JavaScript code, and the 'Google Chrome Support Centre' Alerts can be hosted on any page on the Internet. Google’s anti-phishing protection is limited to blacklisting pages, and it can be hard for its employees to block access to bad pages and update the status of cleaned pages at the same time. Therefore, there are likely to be new pages registered every day to host the 'Google Chrome Support Centre' alerts and invite users to call toll-free phone lines like '+61-1800-875-384'. A sample of the text shown by the 'Google Chrome Support Centre' alerts can be found below:

'Please call Google Support Centre Immediately at +61-1800-875-384
A Porn Virus has been detected by firewall.
Do not press any key or ignore this critical alert.
Your computer access is disabled for security reasons and to prevent from further damage to your device. Call right now +61-1800-875-384 to Google Technical Support immediately so that our engineers can walk you through the removal of this porn virus over the phone. Call Right Now at Google Technical Support TOLL FREE NO:- +61-1800-875-384
Login Failed. Computer Locked. Call Support at +61-1800-875-348'

You are likely to notice a pop-up window titled “Application.exe” that is brought forward and says:

'Application.exe has stopped working
Windows can check online for a solution to the problem.
Check online for a solution and close the program.
Close the program.
View problem details
Call Toll Free: +61-1800-875-384

Terminate Your Browser’s Process and Delete Automatically Downloaded Files

The new tabs loaded with the 'Google Chrome Support Centre' Alerts are likely to be titled “Windows Official Support Desk” and play a disturbing audio message in the background. PC users who stumble upon the 'Google Chrome Support Centre' Alerts should terminate the Web browser from the task manager and delete any files that may have been automatically downloaded from the pages hosting the disturbing messages. Don’t load applications and double-click objects associated with the 'Google Chrome Support Centre' Alerts to minimize exposure to malware. Con artists operate the '+61-1800-875-348' and related toll-free phone lines. Users might be suggested to pay for Windows repair services and Windows key renewal. You may wish to run a complete system scan with a credible security product and clean browser extensions that cause redirects to the 'Google Chrome Support Centre' Alerts.


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