Threat Database Adware 'Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen' Scam

'Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen' Scam

The 'Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen' scam (also known as 'Google Chrome Critical ERROR' Pop-Ups) is an online tactic whose purpose is to collect money from its victims by making them pay for non-existent or useless services and software. The tactic is executed by presenting the users with a bogus pop-up window that may cause their Web browser to malfunction, therefore leaving them with the impression that there is something wrong with their systems. According to the contents of the messages that the 'Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen's uses, the users have become the target of hackers, and there was an attempt to collect their credentials, conversations and payment details. Thankfully, these statements are fake, and you can rest assured that Web browser pop-ups are an unreliable source of information about your computer's health and safety.

Con Artists may Offer Useless Hundred Dollar Products and Services

The con artists behind the 'Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen' scam may use different phone numbers to keep their fraudulent schemes under the radar. One of the numbers reported by users commonly is (888) 563-5234, but it would not be a surprise if you see another number when you come across the 'Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen' scam. It is important to remember that you should never call unknown phone numbers promoted by browser Pop-Ups, even if they claim to offer valuable technical support services.

Calling the number that the 'Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen' scam promotes will not be helpful at all since the con artists are not looking to help you – their only goal is to get you to spend your money on the services and software they offer. The strategy that these people use may change periodically – sometimes they may ask you to subscribe to their services, while in other scenarios they might tell you that you need to purchase an expensive anti-virus tool they offer. Never accept these offers since you do not need any of the things that the con artists have to provide.

If you encounter the 'Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen' scam, we advise you to get rid of it immediately. Since the messages that the tactic uses may sometimes block your Web browser, it might be necessary to restart it entirely to dispose of the bogus alerts.


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