GoodTab Class

GoodTab Class Description

Type: Trojan

GoodTab Class is a Web browser extension developed for Internet Explorer. GoodTab Class is a low-quality Web browser extension that is classified as a browser hijacker. GoodTab Class is closely associated with a low-quality search engine known as 'Lucky Beginnings.' GoodTab Class is designed to infect only Internet Explorer currently and is installed as a Browser Helper Object (BHO). Despite the fact that Microsoft has discontinued Internet Explorer, this browser is still one of the most widely used Web browsers, and also the most vulnerable to threat attacks and low-level threats like GoodTab Class.

How GoodTab Class and Similar Browser Hijackers may Affect Your Computer

GoodTab Class is designed to force computer users to use low-quality search engines that may display sponsored search results whenever a new tab is opened on the affected Web browser. Search engines that have been linked to GoodTab Class may deliver unreliable search results. These search engines are designed to deliver advertisements and sponsored search results closely related to affiliate marketing schemes. When computer users carry out searches on these types of platforms, the results rarely are related to the affected computer user's search terms and may be instead designed to trick inexperienced computer users into interacting with advertisements and questionable links. GoodTab Class also may be linked to search results and pop-ups that may include false advertising claims and advertisements that deliver unwanted components such as adware, PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and additional browser hijackers.

How GoodTab Class and Similar Browser Hijackers Work

GoodTab Class is installed as a Web browser extension for Internet Explorer. Once GoodTab Class is installed and activated, GoodTab Class may make changes to the affected Web browser settings. GoodTab Class may change the affected Web browser's homepage and default search engine. GoodTab Class also may ensure that its associated search engine is opened automatically whenever a new tab is loaded on the affected search engine. Making changes to GoodTab Class and the affected Web browser's settings may not have any kind of long-term effect. This is because every time the affected Web browser starts up, GoodTab Class will restore the changes made to it. GoodTab Class is not a particularly sophisticated browser hijacker, and that there are countless other browser hijackers that may carry out attacks that are more difficult to stop or have more important consequences. However, GoodTab Class may lead to additional low-level threats entering a computer, and computer users are advised to remove GoodTab Class immediately with the help of a reliable security application that is fully up-to-date.

Symptoms that may be Linked to GoodTab Class

GoodTab Class may cause a wide variety of problems on affected computers. These problems may occur because GoodTab Class is not designed properly and interacts poorly with other components on the affected computer. Because of this, GoodTab Class may cause significant performance problems on affected computers. GoodTab Class may cause affected Web browsers to slow down, crash, freeze and fail to load websites properly. GoodTab Class may interact poorly with security software or anti-spam or anti-advertisement extensions on the affected Web browser. GoodTab Class also may disrupt the computer users' browsing by directing them to its associated search engine. This low-quality search engine may appear in the form of pop-up windows or new tabs on the affected Web browser. In some cases, security software on the affected computer may display numerous error messages linked to GoodTab Class. This is because GoodTab Class is not threatening but does have characteristics that may be related to some harmful software. This may result in partial detections or false positives for other types of threats.

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