The website is a dubious page whose operators generate revenue by bombarding their users with countless unwanted advertisements. The site would pretend to host content that may be of interest to get them to launch the page.

The website employs the ‘Click ALLOW to Continue’ tactic to mislead users into granting it permissions to send them push-notifications via their Web browser. The would likely state that the users will be unable to view the content on the site unless they follow the instructions the page provides them with. This means that the users will be asked to click on the ‘Allow’ button on their screens supposedly to get access to the content in question. However, there is no content to be viewed on this bogus page, and if you click on the button, you will allow this fake site to send you Web browser notifications. This can result in constant advertisement spam, as this site will use your Web browser notifications to bombard you with advertisements. Not only is the constant ad bombardment annoying, but the products pushed by the site also may be unsafe. Fake sites like the page often cooperate with shady advertisement networks that may promote low-quality services and dodgy products. It is for the best to ignore the advertisements displayed by the site.

The website is not linked to the propagation of any threatening applications, so you do not need to be worried about the security of your data or the safety of your computer. To halt the advertisement spam by the website, open your Web browser settings and make sure to revoke the permissions granted to this dubious site.


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