By Sumo3000 in Browser Hijackers is an advertisement platform that represents a threat to your computer. This is because advertisements delivered by may expose PC users to unsafe content and may be a threat to your computer's security. For example, certain advertisements will try to convince you that your Flash Player is out of date and try to trick you into clicking on a download button, resulting in the download and installation of various unwanted components onto your computer. is closely associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs. PUPs linked to are used to create monetary gain by causing a wide variety of issues on an affected computer. If you have to deal with pop-up messages or redirects associated with, this may indicate that you have a PUP installed on your computer. PUPs linked to should be removed immediately from the affected computer with the help of a strong, reliable anti-malware program that is fully up-to-date.

The Update that may Lead to Unsafe Browsing

There are several issues that have been reported involving the URL. If your computer is presenting any of the following symptoms, you should use a reliable security program at once:

  • PUPs associated with display numerous pop-up messages and advertisements on affected computers, interrupting the computer user's activity and making it difficult to use the affected Web browser effectively.
  • PUPs linked to may redirect your Web browser to and to websites associated with this suspicious URL.
  • Content associated with may make unwanted changes to your Web browser's settings. Some of these changes may include changing your Web browser's homepage to


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