GhostSearch is the name of a Web browser extension that is likely to attract the attention of users who seek to protect their identity online. This browser add-on claims to help its users remain anonymous while browsing the Web. However, the GhostSearch application is not focused on providing its users with an excellent service. Instead, this dodgy application's primary purpose is to alter the user's system settings.

When the user installs the GhostSearch add-on, the application would immediately apply some changes to their Web browser's configurations. The GhostSearch tool's goal is to boost the traffic and, therefore, the revenue of two affiliated websites – and The two sites will be set up as the default search aggregator and new tab page without the explicit consent of the user. This is why malware analysts have identified the GhostSearch Web browser extension as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

The two sites associated with the GhostSearch application are not harmful, but they may not provide you with excellent quality service either. If you want to reverse the changes applied by the GhostSearch extension, you should use a reputable anti-virus solution to locate and eliminate the PUP from your PC.


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