Gh0st RAT

Gh0st RAT Description

Gh0st RAT is a Remote Access Trojan that the cybercrooks can use to take over a computer remotely and control it from afar. Gh0st RAT was first identified in early 2016. Gh0st RAT seemed to be involved in state-sponsored attacks by threat campaigns used to spy on political opponents of the Chinese ruling party particularly. Gh0st RAT also has been used in attacks against various businesses, for industrial espionage and other illicit activities. Since these high-profile attacks, PC security researchers have noted that between late 2017 and early 2018 Gh0st RAT started to appear in attacks against individuals, delivered via corrupted advertising on shady websites. Computer users should take precautions against Gh0st RAT and similar threats, including the use of strong anti-malware software that is fully up-to-date to protect computers and networks.

The Gh0st RAT Infection can be Very Harmful

Gh0st RAT can be used to carry out various illicit activities on infected computers. The following operations have been observed associated with a Gh0st RAT attack:

  • Gh0st RAT may be used by cybercrooks to view a live video feed of the infected computer's desktop.
  • Gh0st RAT may log the keys pressed on the affected computer, which can be used to collect passwords and other private data.
  • Gh0st RAT may record sound and video using the infected computer's microphones and Webcam, which can allow third parties to monitor the infected computer's surroundings.
  • Gh0st RAT may download files from the infected computer and deliver them to its Command and Control server.
  • Third parties may use Gh0st RAT to shut down or reboot the infected computer.
  • Third parties may use Gh0st RAT to disable or control peripheral devices on the infected computer, such as keyboards, controllers and printers.
  • Gh0st RAT may be used to enter commands with administrator privileges and carry out virtually any operation on the infected computer. Gh0st RAT grants the operators nearly the same control that they would have over the infected computer if they were sitting in front of its screen.

How the Gh0st RAT Infection Works

Gh0st RAT communicates with its Command and Control servers using a Windows application. Gh0st RAT uses a custom-made network protocol when communicating with its servers, making it very difficult for security researchers to intercept this data. Gh0st RAT uses various rootkit techniques to ensure that Gh0st RAT can run without interference, and it will be hooked into system processes that allow it to stay on the infected computer without being detected. Gh0st RAT also is capable of detecting and stopping rootkits on the infected computer, which may allow Gh0st RAT to detect threats from its competitors and remove them or stop them if it receives a command from its controllers.

Protecting Your Computer and Networks from Gh0st RAT

Computer users, particularly those with computers in desirable targets such as business or government networks, should follow strict security guidelines and establish network monitoring and other security measures. Although Gh0st RAT seems to be used in high-profile attacks, the trend seems to be that Gh0st RAT is being used in mid-scale attacks and intrusions on individual computer users increasingly. Because of this, it is more important than ever that PC security researchers use strong security software that is fully up-to-date and avoid possible infection sources, such as shady websites with bad advertising, spam email messages, and pirated software or other possibly unsafe online content. If you think that your computer has been infected with Gh0st RAT, it will be necessary to perform a full scan with the help of security software capable of detecting and removing rootkit components.