By LoneStar in Browser Hijackers has been associated with browser hijackers, adware, and other similar PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). may expose your computer to potentially harmful content, and is associated with browser extensions or toolbars that may cause numerous problems on the affected Web browser. Apart from redirects, PUPs associated with may cause the appearance of pop-up windows, suspicious error messages and performance problems on the affected computer. The main purpose of and its associated PUP is to allow marketers to generate profits from advertising and similar tactics. This is done by forcing computer users to visit repeatedly in order to increase this website's page ranking and traffic numbers. If you find that your Web browser is forcing you to visit repeatedly, ESG security analysts strongly advise the utilizing a proven anti-malware solution to make sure that your computer does not become compromised by other kind of threats.

The Annoying PUPS Associated with

A common tactic is to force computer users to visit particular websites repeatedly to generate advertising revenue. This is usually done using PUPs in the form of Web browser toolbars or extensions that may be bundled with freeware or shareware programs downloaded from unreliable sources. Most of the time, computer users can opt out of installing PUPs associated with However, this option is often overlooked by computer users due to careless installation and not paying attention to their freeware's installer. It is important to note that PUPs are not technically considered unsafe or illegal due to the option to opt out and to uninstall them. However, their presence may turn your Web browser nearly unusable by causing irritating symptoms and interfering with your online activity.

Commons Symptoms that Accompany

Apart from redirects, there are numerous other symptoms associated with, including the following:

  • Apart from frequent redirects, PUPs associated with may also redirect computer users to other websites and cause to appear in pop-up windows or new tabs.
  • PUPs associated with may make unauthorized changes to your Web browser settings such as changing your homepage or default search engine to
  • has been associated with components that keep track of your online activity and search history, information that may then be used to deliver advertisements to your computer.


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