GetDiscountApp Description

GetDiscountApp is a Potentially Unwanted Program. GetDiscountApp is considered adware, meaning that GetDiscountApp is an application specifically designed to profit from advertising revenue in various ways. Adware like GetDiscountApp may generate profits from some of the following sources:

  1. Adware like GetDiscountApp may cause advertisements to appear on affected Web browsers. These advertisements may be inserted into Web pages viewed on the affected Web browser or appear as pop-up windows or new, unauthorized tabs.
  2. Adware like GetDiscountApp also may profit redirecting computer users to websites containing unwanted advertisements automatically. For example, GetDiscountApp and similar applications may insert fake search results into search engines to ensure that the computer users are exposed to advertisements or directed through sponsored links as part of affiliate marketing schemes.
  3. Another way in which adware applications can generate revenue is by tracking the computer users' online activities for use in marketing and in delivering targeted advertisements to the affected computer.

The most common way in which GetDiscountApp and similar PUPs enter a computer is after installing a free program downloaded from an unreliable source. Once GetDiscountApp is installed, GetDiscountApp may seize the affected Web browser, prompting it to display numerous advertisements. Advertisements associated with GetDiscountApp can be very annoying. However, the most disturbing part of these kinds of advertisements is that they can also pose a security risk, causing computer users to visit certain websites or view unwanted online content, frequently resulting in additional PUPs or more serious problems appearing on affected computers. If your Web browser is displaying advertisements or search results containing the phrases 'Ads by GetDiscountApp', 'Brought to you by GetDiscountApp' or other variations on this same theme, then it is certain that GetDiscountApp has been installed on your Web browser. PC security analysts strongly recommend removing GetDiscountApp immediately to prevent additional issues.

Dealing with GetDiscountApp and Similar PUPs

Although GetDiscountApp is not threatening, PC security analysts recommend the utilization of a fully updated anti-malware program to protect your computer from PUPs and remove applications like GetDiscountApp completely. One problem with PUPs like GetDiscountApp is that they may be misleading during the removal process, making it difficult to remove them completely without some additional help. Because GetDiscountApp and similar PUPs are not considered threatening, many security programs are not capable of detecting or removing them. Because of this, computer users should take additional steps to make sure that their security software can deal with these types of components. In many cases, PUPs like GetDiscountApp can also be removed manually. Computer users will need to uninstall GetDiscountApp, remove all files and registry entries associated with GetDiscountApp, and then undo any unwanted changes made to their Web browser settings by GetDiscountApp. For example, GetDiscountApp may change the Web browser's default search engine and homepage to websites associated with GetDiscountApp automatically.

GetDiscountApp may not be a Useful Application

GetDiscountApp is distributed as a Web browser extension that may affect most popular Web browsers. GetDiscountApp may affect Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and other popular Web browsers on the market. Although GetDiscountApp may offer computer users links and coupons to help find better deals when shopping online, most of GetDiscountApp's supposed offers are nonexistent. Regardless of how tempting these supposed discounts are, the main purpose of GetDiscountApp is to profit from advertising and from manipulating the affected computer's Web browser. Any supposed benefit that can be derived from using GetDiscountApp is usually heavily outweighed by the various effects GetDiscountApp has on an affected Web browser. These may include the many irritating advertisements that appear constantly as well as performance issues and possible information leaking.

Technical Information

Registry Details

GetDiscountApp creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\GetDiscountApp

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