Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt Description

Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt is a malicious keylogger program that can occupy all user keystrokes, which include private information such username, password, credit card number, etc. Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt is spread via fictitious online malware scanners and bundled security downloads and bogus codecs gained from third party websites. Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt makes changes to the system registry files with invalid entries trying to infect the registry files. Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt may also disable your security applications and hijack your browser. Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt will download files to the computer without your consent, which will lead to security risk. Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt can even enable an attacker to get remote access to the affected computer. Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt is a serious threat to your privacy and it is advised to remove it immediately.

Technical Information

File System Details

Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 c:\cleansweep.exe\cleansweep.exe N/A
2 %Temp%\lol2.exe N/A
3 %Temp%\lol1.exe N/A
4 %PROGRAM_FILES%\Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt N/A
5 c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt \ N/A
6 c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt \ N/A
7 c:\cleansweep.exe\config.bin N/A

Registry Details

Gen.Variant.MSILKrypt creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Registry key