Threat Database Browser Hijackers

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 11,165
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 6
First Seen: September 8, 2023
Last Seen: September 21, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Generalprotection[.]click is a website with malicious intent that our researchers encountered during a routine investigation of questionable online platforms. This article sheds light on its rogue activities and the potential risks it poses to unsuspecting visitors.

The Rogue Nature of Generalprotection[.]click

This section unveils the true nature of Generalprotection[.]click, emphasizing its role as a rogue website. It highlights its tactics, which include scams, spam notifications, and redirection to unreliable sites, all designed to exploit users.

Deceptive Content and Scams

Generalprotection[.]click is notorious for promoting scams, particularly the "Your Identity Has Been Stolen!" variant. This section explores how the website tricks visitors with fake system scans, leading them to download dubious applications that can compromise their devices and privacy.

Browser Notification Spam and its Consequences

Here, we delve into the invasive use of browser notifications by Generalprotection[.]click. It explains how these notifications are employed to run intrusive ad campaigns, often promoting online scams, untrustworthy software, and potential malware, while exposing users to system infections and identity theft.

Similar Rogue Pages

Generalprotection[.]click is just one of many rogue websites plaguing the internet. In this section, we discuss other examples like Mca-track[.]online, crystalchiseler[.]top, and more, shedding light on their similar practices and the potential motives behind their deceptive content.

User Consent and Spam Notifications

This part unravels how Generalprotection[.]click gains permission to deliver spam notifications. It clarifies that websites require user consent, often acquired through misleading prompts, and why users should be cautious about granting such permissions.

Preventing Deceptive Sites from Spamming

Here, we provide practical advice on preventing deceptive sites like Generalprotection[.]click from delivering spam notifications. It emphasizes the importance of not clicking "Allow" or similar options presented on such pages and suggests alternatives like blocking notifications or ignoring these requests.

Addressing Unprompted Website Openings

The final section discusses the possibility of browsers continuously opening suspicious websites without user input, potentially indicating adware presence. It advises users on how to address this issue and safeguard their online experiences.

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