Gamma Task Menager

Gamma Task Menager Description

Gamma Task Menager (sic) is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Do not confuse Gamma Task Menager with the legitimate Gamma Manager associated with Adobe products. In this case, Gamma Task Menager is a Web browser add-on that is designed to display numerous advertisements on the affected computer. Gamma Task Menager may be installed by default by bundling Gamma Task Menager with other software to be installed automatically unless the computer user opts out specifically. Gamma Task Menager may run in the background and use system resources such as bandwidth, processing power and memory, having a negative effect on the affected computer's performance. Gamma Task Menager may be associated with several low-quality search engines designed to deliver advertisements rather than legitimate search results. If Gamma Task Menager is installed on your computer, PC security researchers advise the immediate removal of Gamma Task Menager completely.

How PUPs Like Gamma Task Menager Work

Web browser add-ons, extension, plug-ins, and other similar components are a common way of profiting at the expense of computer users. Although often misrepresented as 'viruses' or 'malware', these types of components are rarely malicious or represent a serious threat. Components like Gamma Task Menager are low-level threats that are designed to make money from advertising. They may become quite irritating, making it difficult for computer users to use the affected Web browser effectively. Gamma Task Menager claims to allow computer users to improve their computer's performance. However, the main purpose of Gamma Task Menager is to expose computer users to numerous advertisements and irritating marketing material. Malware analysts have related Gamma Task Menager to pop-up windows, Web browser redirects, and advertisements inserted into the Web pages visited on the affected Web browser.

One issue related to Gamma Task Menager is that this program may make changes to the computer's settings. Gamma Task Menager may alter your Web browser's homepage as well as changing many of its selected websites, such as its default search engine or favorite websites. Gamma Task Menager also may make it difficult for computer users to uninstall Gamma Task Menager using normal means, often graying out the option to uninstall Gamma Task Menager and other extensions on the affected Web browser's settings. Gamma Task Menager may affect most Web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. One additional issue related to Gamma Task Menager is that this PUP may be linked to tracking components that monitor your online activities and then may use this information for marketing and advertising purposes.

Common Issues that may be Related to Gamma Task Menager

Computer users may not install Gamma Task Menager knowingly. Gamma Task Menager may be bundled with other software. Typical sources for Gamma Task Menager and similar PUPs may include peer-to-peer file sharing networks and software download websites. In many cases, Gamma Task Menager is bundled through the use of a download manager or a custom installer. To prevent Gamma Task Menager from being installed, PC security researchers recommend downloading software directly from the manufacturer, rather than from a third-party. The installation of a new product should be followed carefully, and the computer user should opt out of installing Gamma Task Menager if the option appears. Any 'Advanced' or 'Custom' installation options should be used since they afford greater control over what is and isn't installed. Common issues related to Gamma Task Menager include performance problems and the appearance of numerous advertisements and pop-up windows. Removal of Gamma Task Menager with a reliable security application should stop these kinds of symptoms on the affected computer from continuing to appear.

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