The domain that may be loaded in your browser may claim that you are the lucky visitor, and you have won expensive electronic devices. The domain is related to a browser hijacker that may land on systems as a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The site is not a recommended presence on your PC and may display misleading messages. The content on may be delivered to users via pop-up windows generated by a browser hijacker on their PCs. The pop-ups might say:

Sample #1:
'A Samsung Galaxy S7 + VR Gear awaits you!
Verify your prize request by providing your phone number in the field below!'

Sample #2:
'Your visit on: September 12, 2016
have won you a 10,000 NOK which you can receive after verification.'

The domain is part of the Cellyobi network, which is a content distribution network and allows users to participate in competitions online. Users that visit will be suggested that they have won an attractive electronic device and need to provide their phone number on the page that will be loaded when they click the 'OK' button. The portal is rigged with a script that allows Cellyobi to load personalized content depending on your IP address. For example, a user in Norway will not see the same message like the one that will be displayed for users in Romania.

You might wish to avoid participation in the campaigns that involve Cellyobi and because providing your phone number means subscribing to a premium phone service. Users that agree to the terms of services of Cellyobi will be required to pay a premium fee whenever they send SMS messages to complete questionnaires by Cellyobi. The competitions organized by Cellyobi and promoted via may give you a chance at winning the prizes you were promised.

Researchers note that the site is not trusted and may lead users to subscribe to potentially unwanted services. Moreover, The portal may have misleading information and use fake user reviews to convince visitors to participate in games and competitions of Cellyobi. There may be a browser hijacker linked to the domain on your computer, and it is a good idea to use a trusted anti-spyware application to clean your OS.

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