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Gadgetbox Search Description

It can be easy to mistake the Gadgetbox Search Web page with the Google home page. This is because its design is meant to look like a generic search engine. However, the Gadgetbox Search is not a reliable search engine. Rather, the Gadgetbox Search is designed to deliver sponsored search results and advertisements, regardless of the computer users' search queries. The Gadgetbox Search is closely associated with a PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program. PUPs linked to the Gadgetbox Search take the form of Web browser add-ons or extensions that hijack the affected Web browser and cause a variety of symptoms. PUPs associated with the Gadgetbox Search may be very difficult to remove because, if not removed properly, they may return after the affected Web browser reboots. However, the Gadgetbox Search add-on is not considered threatening. PUPs like the Gadgetbox Search are low-level threats designed to expose computer users to advertising and sponsored online content. Malware analysts recommend that computer users avoid using the Gadgetbox Search feature to carry out their searches and take steps to remove any PUPs present on their computer immediately.

Your Security Program may not Detect the Gadgetbox Search

The fact that the Gadgetbox Search is not threatening may make it slightly more difficult for computer users to remove it. This is because most security programs are designed to detect and remove viruses, Trojans, rootkits and other high-level threats and may overlook PUPs like the Gadgetbox Search. Because of this, malware analysts advise using a security application capable of dealing with adware, browser hijackers and similar PUPs. The main purpose of the Gadgetbox Search is to generate revenue at the expense of computer users, meaning that an affected Web browser may display high numbers of advertisements and direct computer users to sponsored content. These advertisements, inserted into Web pages viewed on the affected Web browser or appearing in pop-up windows, may disrupt the computer users' activities and affect their productivity.

Symptoms of the Gadgetbox Search and PUPs Associated with this Bogus Search Engine

PUPs linked to the Gadgetbox Search may affect most popular Web browsers. The Gadgetbox Search redirects and pop-ups may affect Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. Unwanted symptoms that may be associated with the Gadgetbox Search include the following:

  1. The Gadgetbox Search may replace the affected Web browser's home page automatically.
  2. The affected Web browser's default search engine may be replaced by the Gadgetbox Search.
  3. The Gadgetbox Search may be added to the affected Web browser's favorite Web pages. It is also common for other low-quality websites affiliated with the Gadgetbox Search take the place of the computer user's default Web pages.
  4. The Web browser's security settings may be affected, making it more vulnerable to PUPs and other types of infections.
  5. PUPs associated with the Gadgetbox Search may cause pop-up windows and notifications to appear frequently on the affected Web browser.
  6. PUPs linked to the Gadgetbox Search may insert advertisements into Web pages visited on the affected Web browser, even if the affected websites do not contain advertising material. These may take the form of banner advertisements as well as highlighted words that display pop-up advertisements when the cursor passes over them.

Dealing with the Gadgetbox Search

To remove PUPs associated with the Gadgetbox Search it is important to uninstall any unrecognized extensions installed on the affected Web browser. However, it may be impossible to uninstall these using the affected Web browser's extensions manager. Computer users may have to use the Windows Control Panel to remove these completely. Once removed, it is paramount to carry out a full scan of the affected computer with a reliable security application that is fully up-to-date. It also may be necessary to undo any changes made to the affected browser's settings manually.

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