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ScreenshotFunMoods is not a particularly high-level threat. However, there have been several reports of malware-like behavior associated with the FunMoods Toolbar. This toolbar, used to add smileys and other emoticons to email messages and Facebook conversations, has been linked to browser redirects to the website and is very difficult to remove using normal means. In fact, many anti-malware software manufacturers identify FunMoods as a Trojan named either Trojan.ADH.2 or Generic.bfr!3CE4B0FBD940.

Although FunMoods is limited to infecting Windows computer systems, FunMoods is not associated with a single web browser. FunMoods is a toolbar that has been observed to work with several of the most popularly utilized web browser on the market. Some of the unwanted behaviors associated with FunMoods include the following:

  1. FunMoods may change your web browser settings so that your homepage is set to, a 'feature' that cannot be changed as long as FunMoods is installed.
  2. FunMoods has been known to cause browser redirects to the page mentioned above. In fact, some computer users have reported being directed to this website after carrying out an online search on a reliable search engine, a sign of a browser hijacker infection.
  3. FunMoods has also been associated with poor system and web browser performance due to its software conflicts and the fact that FunMoods does not allow normal removal.
  4. Computer users that have installed FunMoods may experience unusual pop-up messages when browsing the Internet.

Although the symptoms associated with FunMoods are not particularly malicious, they may make your computer more vulnerable to other, more severe malware infections. FunMoods may leave many of its components on the infected computer if you try to remove FunMoods by going to the Windows Control Panel and using the Add/Remove Programs feature. ESG security researchers strongly advise using a reliable anti-malware program to remove FunMoods completely from the infected computer system. You cannot revert any of FunMoods' irritating symptoms by changing your web browser settings, these will simply be changed the next time you start up your web browser.

Technical Information

Registry Details

FunMoods creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\[RANDOM CHARACTERS]
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current\Winlogon\"Shell" = "[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe"

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  • darwin:

    Mine started with 1clickdownloader then it installed this toolbar babylon and extensions: funmoods, photoit, 1clickdownloader, fastspeed (something...not sure). It freezes everything!! you have to force shutdown the computer and only MBAM can see it but not totally stop it! I have scanned my laptop thrice now,.. I'm not sure if it will reach to four. I think it's pretty much a POWERFUL MALWARE than this site is suggesting. All your browser's affected, it freezes your computer and anti-viruses can't detect it

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