is a website that runs a tactic online that is very popular. This online con is often referred to as 'Please Click Allow to Continue.' Unfortunately, you will find no useful content on the page. The only goal of this low-quality website is to hijack the Web browser notifications of its visitors.

Once you open the site, you will see a bogus robot check at the top of your screen. Users are required to click on the 'Allow' button to prove their legitimacy. However, this is a trick designed to mislead users into allowing the website to send them Web browser push-notifications. Permitting dodgy sites like the page to send you Web browser notifications will result in advertisement-spam. The site generates revenue by spamming users with unwanted advertisements for shady services and overly expensive products.

The notifications spawned by the site can prove to be very irritating as you will continue receiving them even if your Web browser is closed. It is best to cancel the permissions you have granted this website using your Web browser's configurations.


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