Free Converterz

The Free Converterz software is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that can be found at The Free Converterz extension is listed under the “Productivity” category, and it is said to help users convert files to PDF format instantly. Also, to file conversion features, users are forced into a browser redirect via and then to every time they search the Web. The programmer behind the Free Converterz application appears to use and track the user’s search history. Also, the Free Converterz app may be used to inject sponsored links into your Google search results. Installing the Free Converterz in Google Chrome is preceded by the following installation dialog:

'Add “Free Converterz”?
It can:
Read and change your data on all sites
Read your browsing history
Change your search settings to'

We discovered that the file conversion portal associated with Free Converterz has no valid digital certificate and we do not recommend entering personal information on However, you can convert simple text files, images and presentations via to PDF format. You may be shown in-browser notifications that offer to subscribe you to news from unfamiliar sites. The Free Converterz application is known to connect to custom domains via and suggest promotional materials and curated news feeds to Web surfers. PC users who are looking to convert files to PDF format without experiencing notification spam can navigate to and use the available converter without installing the Free Converterz extension. Free Converterz is categorized as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that many users may want to reconsider keeping.


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