Foxy Search

The Foxy Search is a Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) that installs as an unwanted browser extension on victims' computers. This malware's main function is to redirect the user search queries through a fake search engine to generate advertising revenue for its owners. When a browser is infected with the Foxy Search, its default search engine is replaced with After many redirects through sponsored links and third-party websites, a result search page from is displayed to the user.

PUPs like Foxy Search typically spread through corrupted advertisements on the Internet. Yet, another common method of distribution is known as "bundling." In that case, malware creators bundle unwanted tools and applications within the installation package of other software. To avoid Possibly Unwanted Programs like Foxy Search, always opt for the "Custom" installation option when you install software, as it allows you to see all programs that will be installed on your computer.


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