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Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 80 % (High)
Infected Computers: 28
First Seen: October 4, 2017
Last Seen: February 17, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The FormBook malware is developed by a programmer who uses the handle 'ng-Coder' and offers access to a "FormBook Builder" software on various Dark Web forums and code sharing platforms. The FormBook malware became the talk of the cybersecurity community in October 2017 and was covered as part of the QuantLoader and the Panda Banker campaigns extensively. The cybercrooks are offered by 'ng-Coder' to buy their way into the "FormBook Builder," which is not distributed to machines locally. Customers are given access to a PHP control panel, which they use to create and download a customized version. Interested parties are welcomed to purchase a subscription for $29/week, $59/month, and $99/three months if they are interested in incorporating the FormBook into their operations. The FormBook payload can be packed as PDFs with download links, DOC, and XLS files with macros and archives with executable inside. Once the FormBook malware is introduced to a targeted device, it offers the following capabilities to its operators:

  • Clear the browser's cookies.
  • Clipboard grabbing.
  • Collect passwords and emails from Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Download and execute files.
  • Download and extract files from archives.
  • Install updates to the bot.
  • Keyboard input logging.
  • Reboot & shut down the system.
  • Record HTTP;HTTPS;SPDY;HTTP2 forms.
  • Remove the bot from the infected device.
  • Screenshot.

The FormBook Trojan includes abilities to make it harder for AV solutions to find the threat on the compromised system. Malware analysts alert that FormBook loads on startup via a hidden entry, uses standard Windows APIs, employs encrypted channels for C&C communications and includes a function that changes the file paths, file names, and extensions used during active periods. All these features make the FormBook Trojan hard to identify and an intriguing product on the Dark Web. The FormBook Trojan was launched within the South Korean cyberspace initially. However, we expect the FormBook Trojan to receive a lot of attention and spread throughout Asia, Europe and South America. You should make sure to run a trustworthy anti-malware suite that can identify and eliminate the FormBook threat. AV engines flag FormBook-related files as:

  • DR/AutoIt.Gen
  • Gen:Heur.Liusky.1
  • RAR/Agent.CC
  • Script.Trojan.Agent.DLEUTD
  • Trojan ( 005126601 )
  • Trojan/Win32.AutoIt.C2181283
  • W32/Injector.CZM!tr

SpyHunter Detects & Remove FormBook

File System Details

FormBook may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. file.exe 211b801cc175d75c6570ef784fa03025 2
2. file.exe ec7b972d6233995bf76d91030e71c111 2
3. file.exe 08d6ddcbcb89d0bc3545467ed8ac71f0 1
4. file.exe 027749b3b4fbd2fc44dbe50e65cf3765 1
5. file.exe 653922d5e914eb7e6d906a083d930e29 0
6. file.exe d6c41a1f2e15889849747f0aa1772a20 0
7. file.exe 0fac516e1a47d43be56599c17ac1aa0a 0
8. file.exe 869356c3b8fa73dd2dc5ee5ee584d7e3 0
9. file.exe 49a8d93dd6280f7197b094c359d785cb 0
10. file.exe 423e35ab50cd115760cae05cfdedbe60 0
11. file.exe e2e47c3ab5643fe179baf5241e09dc40 0
12. file.exe 27097f447e01e3d7be9c16d87fd5559d 0
13. file.exe 0692d69cd44ac2badbbfd0e98176f23a 0
14. file.exe 01a43ab570cfe7f8a271ea3e76cf8ef1 0
15. file.exe 2055df8d5e156dd222ea5307baaa3329 0
16. file.exe 56edae07a8c9f4fc73346af43170e6dd 0

Registry Details

FormBook may create the following registry entry or registry entries:
Regexp file mask


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