The FootbalScores24 program is a browser extension that Web surfers can find at The FootbalScores24 program is promoted to help users keep up with soccer news from The FootbalScores24 extension is produced by a marketing company known as Aztec Media Inc. that monetizes Web traffic facilitated by the search engine. The FootbalScores24 browser extension has been reported to push intrusive notifications, it sends user statistics to third-parties, and the app changes the default search provider to The FootbalScores24 application is observed to integrate a drop-down menu in Google Chrome and display information pulled from

You may notice that has no official extension listed on its site. The site appears to be independent from Aztec Media Inc. and the FootbalScores24 browser extension. PC security researchers add that the FootbalScores24 program is offered by on the Chrome Web Store — and is not listed as a services provider. The FootbalScores24 application may perform unwanted redirects, and the company behind the app does not endorse content provided by its software. The disclaimer is listed in the terms of service agreement posted at The FootbalScores24 extension is perceived as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may provide users with links to questionable sites and display misleading information. You might want to remove the FootbalScores24 extension by Aztec Media Inc. and related browser cookies with help from a credible anti-spyware tool.


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