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Ranking: 9,700
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 9
First Seen: August 9, 2023
Last Seen: September 19, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows has been classified as a deceitful website. The main intention of this site appears to be to take advantage of the built-in push notification system in Web browsers. It achieves this by enticing visitors to activate its own push notifications unknowingly. As a result, this unscrupulous website gains the ability to bombard the user's device with intrusive and unwelcome pop-up advertisements. Should be Approached with Caution Due to Clickbait Messages employs a deceptive strategy that involves displaying fabricated error messages and misleading alerts, all designed to manipulate users into subscribing to its push notifications. The specific wording of these messages presented by malicious websites is typically influenced by factors like the user's individual IP address and geographical location. As a result, the misleading instructions seen on platforms like might vary from one user to another. Nonetheless, researchers have noted that this particular rogue website utilizes multiple clickbait messages simultaneously. The website endeavors to persuade users that a desired video is now available for viewing, but gaining access requires clicking the presented 'Play' button. Concurrently, the page insists that in order to close the window, visitors must select the 'Allow' button.

The content of the messages users might come across could resemble:

  • 'Your Video Is Ready
  • Press Play to start the video'
  •  'Click 'Allow' to close this window. This window can be closed by pressing 'Allow.' If you wish to continue browsing this website, just click the more info button.'

Once an individual falls into this deceptive trap and subscribes to's notifications, the ramifications can be significant. The targeted device becomes vulnerable to a continuous stream of spam pop-up advertisements, irrespective of whether the web browser is actively being used or even if it's closed. These generated ads may encompass various untrustworthy content, including promotions for adult websites, questionable online games, deceptive software updates and the distribution of intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

Take Steps to Prevent Intrusive Notifications Generated by Rogue Sites and Unreliable Sources

Preventing intrusive notifications generated by rogue sites and unreliable sources involves a combination of browser settings, careful browsing habits, and awareness of potential threats. Here's a step-by-step guide on how users can protect themselves from such notifications:

  • Review Site Permissions: Regularly review and manage the permissions granted to websites in your browser settings. Look for the section related to notifications or push notifications.
  •  Block Unwanted Notifications: Disable notifications for websites that you don't trust or haven't visited intentionally. In most browsers, you can access this setting by clicking on the padlock icon next to the website's address or in the browser's settings menu.
  •  Stay Informed: Educate yourself about common deceptive tactics used by rogue websites to trick users into subscribing to notifications. Be cautious when encountering overly aggressive pop-ups or messages that seem too good to be true.
  •  Use Ad Blockers: Install reputable ad-blocker browser extensions or add-ons that can help prevent unwanted pop-ups and advertisements.
  •  Update Browsers and Software: Keep your Web browser and operating system up-to-date with the latest security patches. Regular updates can include improvements in security and privacy features.
  •  Be Cautious with Links: Avoid clicking on suspicious links or ads, especially those promising unrealistic rewards or urging you to take immediate action.
  •  Use Security Software: Install and keep reputable security software active on your device. Some of these tools offer features to protect against unsafe websites and notifications.

By following these steps and staying vigilant while browsing the internet, users can significantly reduce their risk of falling prey to intrusive notifications generated by rogue sites and unreliable sources.

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