FLV Runner Toolbar

FLV Runner Toolbar Description

FLV Runner Toolbar is marketed as an add-on for your web browser that allows you to receive entertainment news easily. However, ESG security researchers classify FLV Runner Toolbar as an adware infection. FLV Runner Toolbar is a thinly disguised version of a browser hijacker that forces computer users to visit search.conduit.com and flvrunner.ourtoolbar.com repeatedly. There are several symptoms associated with this adware infection:

  • Your homepage may have been changed to a low-quality search engine associated with FLV Runner Toolbar.
  • Your web browser may force you to visit websites repeatedly and without authorization.
  • FLV Runner Toolbar may cause your web browser to display pop-up windows containing advertisements.
  • The presence of FLV Runner Toolbar on your computer will also affect your computer's performance and online connection speed.

If your computer is displaying any of the above symptoms, it is highly likely that your computer has become infected with FLV Runner Toolbar or another, similar adware infection. Unfortunately, removing FLV Runner Toolbar is not as easy as removing a legitimate web browser add-on. Use a reliable anti-malware program to remove FLV Runner Toolbar from your computer.

Common Sources of a FLV Runner Toolbar Adware Infection

There are two main ways in which criminals and unscrupulous marketers distribute FLV Runner Toolbar: social engineering scams on social media websites and bundled along with some freeware programs. There have been reports of Facebook scams where computer users infected with malware will post videos on their friends' walls. However, clicking on these videos actually causes the victim's computer to download FLV Runner and the FLV Runner Toolbar. This adware infection is also often bundled with freeware media players. ESG security analysts advise avoiding these kinds of freeware applications since there are almost always free alternatives that do not require downloading adware onto your computer.

Removing FLV Runner Toolbar usually require an anti-malware program. FLV Runner Toolbar is not browser specific, meaning that it will usually be installed on most web browsers installed on the infected computer. While FLV Runner Toolbar is possible to remove FLV Runner Toolbar manually, this requires advanced computer knowledge. Instead, ESG security analysts advise carrying out automatic removal with the help of a reliable, fully updated anti-malware program. It is also recommended removing any freeware programs that may have been installed along with FLV Runner Toolbar.

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