Threat Database Trojans FlickerStealer


FlickerStealer is a malware threat classified as an info-stealer. FlickerStealer's primary goal is to extract potentially valuable data from the users of infected devices. FlickerStealer affects Windows computers, whereby targeted versions are between Windows XP through Windows 10. This unsafe tool can be distributed through many different channels, so the actors who purchase it on the Dark Web can determine the way of proliferation.

According to its creators, FlickerStealer can collect information from many applications like Steam, Mozilla Thunderbird and several messaging platforms (Discord and Pidgin). Yet, Internet browsers are mostly preferred. The list of included browsers is long, and it has the most popular ones on the market – Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge and Chromium. The extracted information is browser cookies, autofill data, credit card details, login credentials for online accounts, passwords and usernames. FlickerStealer also can harvest data stored in the Windows Credentials Manager. Cryptocurrency wallets, FTP clients, FileZilla and WinScp are vulnerable as well.

FlickerStealer also offers functionalities for taking screenshots and collecting system information (installed applications, CPU, screen resolution, etc.). All of these features imply that this malware threat can cause financial losses and severe privacy issues; therefore, it should be removed as soon as possible from affected systems.


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