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'Flash Player Update' Pop-Up

By ESGI Advisor in Fake Error Messages

The 'Flash Player Update' pop-up presents a threat to your computer. The 'Flash Player Update' pop-up's main point is to entrap inexperienced PC users, persuading them that they need to download a bogus update for Flash Player. In fact, agreeing to the 'Flash Player Update' pop-up leads to the installation of Potentially Unwanted Programs or even more hazardous content. Fake updates for Flash Players are among the most common ways of delivering threats or other types of potentially insecure content. If your Web browser is displaying the 'Flash Player Update' pop-up, it is important to ignore the contents of this message completely and take steps to ensure that the 'Flash Player Update' pop-up does not continue to appear.

Why the 'Flash Player Update' Pop-Up Appears on a Web Browser

The 'Flash Player Update' pop-up may appear on Web browsers already affected by a PUP, or when computer users visit Web pages with poorly regulated content. If the 'Flash Player Update' pop-up only appears when you visit a specific website or group of websites, this indicates that this particular website contains advertisements and components that are designed to promote or distribute PUPs. This can occur because the website's administrators may partake in these types of practices directly or because the website was compromised by hackers to ensure that it would cause content like the 'Flash Player Update' pop-up to appear on visitors' Web browsers. If the 'Flash Player Update' pop-up is appearing in various websites, even websites that should definitely not include this PUP, then this means that a PUP has already been installed on your computer and is causing the 'Flash Player Update' pop-ups to appear.

How to Deal with the 'Flash Player Update' Pop-Up

If the 'Flash Player Update' pop-up is being caused by a PUP on your computer, it is necessary to remove the 'Flash Player Update' pop-up immediately with the help of a reliable security program. In most cases, security researchers advise scanning the affected computer with a reliable security program if it is exposed to the 'Flash Player Update' pop-up. This is done to ensure that the 'Flash Player Update' pop-up has not exposed your computer to potentially perilous content.


The following messages associated with 'Flash Player Update' Pop-Up were found:

Flash Player Update!
It is recommended you update Flash Player to the latest version to view this page.
Please update to continue.


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