FirstSearchBar, otherwise known as FirstSearchBar Toolbar, is a potentially unwanted program, which can be inadvertently downloaded on a PC packed with other software products. That's why FirstSearchBar is called a virus or malware threat by numerous web users. In actuality, FirstSearchBar can only be called as an adware application or potentially unwanted program because it depends on the deceptive delivery method and executes unwanted actions as soon as it accesses the targeted PC. FirstSearchBar may modify the homepage and default search system, interrupt the victimized computer user's search sessions with disturbing pop-up advertisements, drop additional software products, and lead to irritating browser diversions on any Internet browsers. FirstSearchBar can be installed on the compromised PC just like any other tool. However, FirstSearchBar may also occur on the affected PC out of the blue. In this case, FirstSearchBar depends on freeware and shareware programs and comes as an additional download. Web users should be more attentive to the installation process of freeware and shareware programs and deselect all unidentified components. If FirstSearchBar enters the computer, there is a big possibility that soon the PC owner will find its toolbar on the web browser. FirstSearchBar may attempt to substitute the default search engine and homepage settings in order to make the victimized PC user visit affiliated websites.


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