FireBird RAT

The FireBird RAT (Remote Access Trojan) is a threat that is being sold on underground hacking forums online. This tool can only be purchased with cryptocurrency, making it nearly impossible for any transactions to be traced back to certain individuals. This helps cyber crooks protect their anonymity and avoid any legal repercussions for their criminal activity. 

The FireBird RAT is being presented as a legitimate tool by its creators. However, anyone who looks into this tool further will notice that this utility is intended for harmful use. If the operators of the FireBird RAT manage to infiltrate a targeted system successfully, they will be able to gain user-level control of the device. To gain persistence on the affected machine, the FireBird RAT will tamper with the Windows Registry. This allows the threat to be launched every time the user restarts their computer. The FireBird RAT also allows the attackers to uninstall software from the compromised system. Thanks to the FireBird RAT, the attackers will be capable of taking control over any hardware that may be connected to the infected PC. This means that the attackers will be able to:

  • Open or close the CD drive.
  • Enable or disable the mouse.
  • Turn the monitor on or off.
  • Play audio.
  • Record audio via the device's microphone.
  • Record video via the device's camera. 

These capabilities make the FireBird RAT and extremely useful tool for spying and blackmail. 

The FireBird RAT can use the Task Manager service to end running processes. The FireBird RAT can not only end processes but also execute processes. This means that this threat can plant additional malware on the compromised system. The FireBird RAT is able to collect sensitive data from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Web browsers – usernames, passwords, etc. This RAT can also obtain login credentials from FileZilla, QQ messenger, and other applications. The FireBird RAT has a keylogging module that can be used to steal usernames and passwords from social media accounts, instant messaging applications, banking portals, etc. 

The FireBird RAT is a threat that can cause its victims significant financial losses and trouble. Protect your system by installing a legitimate anti-virus software suite.


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