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Finding Discount

By CagedTech in Adware

Finding Discount is an adware component that is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program by PC security researchers. There are various unwanted behaviors that are caused by Finding Discount. These may include the presence of irritating, constant pop-up advertisements on the affected Web browser. Finding Discount may also redirect the affected Web browser to websites that contain suspicious, potentially harmful content. Finding Discount is typically bundled with free software, included as a Web browser extension or toolbar that may be installed along with the free software unless the computer user opts out. Unfortunately, it may be a convoluted process to opt out of Finding Discount and similar PUPs when installing new software. In most cases, computer users have to use custom or advanced installation to make sure that only the components they want are installed and that no additional extensions or PUPs like Finding Discount are included in the software installation.

Finding Discount may make unwanted changes to the Windows Registry and affected Web browser's settings. Finding Discount may remain on the affected computer even after the computer user has uninstalled Finding Discount. One problem that has been reported repeatedly regarding Finding Discount is the fact that Finding Discount may try to hide itself, making changes to the affected computer and returning even after the computer user believes that Finding Discount has been removed completely. Finding Discount may make changes to the affected PC's settings that allow Finding Discount to start up automatically whenever the computer user starts up Windows. In some cases, Finding Discount may not show up on the Control Panel's Programs or Uninstall a Program feature and its Windows Registry modifications may be difficult to remove or alter.

Finding Discount's associated executable file may be placed in a folder named 'Windows Discount' in the Program Files folder on the computer user's main hard drive. Since Finding Discount looks and acts like a legitimate program, many anti-malware programs may not identify Finding Discount as potentially harmful. Because of this, security software may not stop computer users from installing Finding Discount, meaning that they may not realize that a problem is present on their computer until unwanted advertisements start appearing and their Web browser starts redirecting them to websites associated with Finding Discount. Finding Discount is not a useful program and any value Finding Discount may have is heavily outweighed by the various irritating symptoms linked to Finding Discount and the fact that Finding Discount may put the affected computer at risk for other PUPs. Malware analysts have associated Finding Discount with system performance issues, significant sluggishness and freezing on affected PCs, and a variety of irritating behaviors on affected Web browsers.

Security Researchers Strongly Recommend the Immediate Removal of Finding Discount

Web browser extensions like Finding Discount are used to profit at the expense of computer users. Despite the fact that Finding Discount is marketed as a way of accessing interesting, valuable online deals, many of these special offers are not valid or require that computer users disclose browsing information. Finding Discount may fill the affected Web browser with advertisements. Finding Discount may insert banner advertisements and in-text advertisements into websites viewed on the affected Web browser, cause the affected Web browser to display pop-up advertisements, and cause the affected Web browser to behave erratically while shopping online or viewing certain content. Finding Discount may also affect search engines used on the affected Web browser, causing them to display advertisements rather than legitimate search results. Malware analysts advise removing Finding Discount with the help of a reliable, fully updated anti-malware program capable of detecting and removing PUPs.


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