FindConverterSearch may attempt to entice users with talk about its supposed feature. The truth is that the application is little more than a browser hijacker. As such, its main goal is to promote a fake search engine by driving artificial traffic towards it. Users who either knowingly or not have FindConverterSearch installed on their computer will notice the consequences almost immediately.

FindConverterSearch is designed to take over certain browser settings, modify them to its needs, and then prevent users from reverting them to their original state. The settings in question are the homepage, the new page tab, and the default search engine. All three will be set to open the promoted address, which is a fake search engine. There are countless similar fake engines that cannot produce any search results on their own. Instead, they take the users' search queries and redirect them through a legitimate search engine. In FindConverterSearch's case, it redirects to

Having a Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) lurking on your system represents a significant privacy concern. Most applications of this type are equipped with various data-gathering capabilities. Some limit themselves to harvesting the user's browsing and search history, geolocation, IP address and ISP. However, other browser hijackers dig a lot deeper and try to obtain various data types, making their removal a top priority for users.


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