Threat Database Browser Hijackers

The website is a low-quality page that you are likely to see if you browse dodgy sites. If you are not a user that has the habit of visiting shady websites and you still keep coming across the page, it is likely that you may have allowed a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) to enter on your computer unknowingly.

PUPs tend to sneak into user’s systems by presenting themselves as helpful tools that will enhance one’s browsing quality – a search optimization tool, a file converter, a currency calculator, etc. However, often such utilities exaggerate their usefulness and fail to disclose their tricks. The goal of many PUPs is to boost the traffic of an affiliated website. This seems to be the case with the page. This Web page works in cooperation with PUPs that are designed to alter the settings of users’ Web browsers to set the affiliated website as a default new tab page. Needless to say, legitimate applications and Web browser extensions would not meddle with the user’s system settings without asking for their consent first. The page is a basic-search engine that is not likely to provide you with the high-quality search results that you may be used to if you are a Google, Bing or Yahoo user.

If you suspect that a PUP installed may be present on your system, it is best to use a trusted anti-virus tool that will locate and remove any issues that may be present on your PC.


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