Threat Database Browser Hijackers

The pop-ups that you may experience when you download the Game Jungle, click on corrupted advertisements, visit compromised websites or download freeware are caused by its related website, These pop-ups, which will contain advertisements, are used by the people behind Game Jungle, to generate a monetary gain, no matter if it compromises the browsing experience of the computer user. may change your homepage and make as your search engine automatically. The search results will be provided by Yahoo, which makes them reliable. However, these search results will contain numerous advertisements on top of them, and this can annoy the computer user. Another inconvenient aspect of is that the numerous advertisements it displays can spend the machine's resources making it slow and irresponsive. can monitor the computer users' activities so that it can send data to its related advertisers, which will use the collected data to send advertisements that can draw the computer users' attention. However, if clicked, these advertisements can lead the computer user to dubious websites or promote fake software such as bogus security programs or updates. To get rid of these unwanted pop-ups and get back to your normal activities, you need to find out the application that is making possible the exhibition of these pop-ups. The recommended way to do this is by using an anti-malware program that will detect and remove it, as well as any corrupted file installed by


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