Threat Database Adware 'FedEx Tracking' Email Scam

'FedEx Tracking' Email Scam

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'FedEx Tracking' scam is a trick that various cyber crooks are utilizing to spread threats like Trojans, keyloggers, ransomware, etc.

The trick is simple – the targeted users would receive an email claiming to contain important information regarding a FedEx package that they may have ordered. The message in the email urges users to download the attached file, which will provide them with further information regarding their delivery. Alternatively, some cyber crooks have opted to redirect users to a file, which is hosted on a server owned by the attackers. Either way, the file that the users are requested to download and launch contains a corrupted code that will compromise their system. To make the corrupted file seem harmless, the attackers are likely to mask it as a document, a PDF file or an archive. These are filetypes that users come across every day, so it is far less likely for them to raise any red flags.

Propagating malware via spam email campaigns like the 'FedEx Tracking' email scam is a very commonly used technique. This is why users are advised against trusting emails from unknown sources. Even if the email appears legitimate at first glance, make sure you investigate further before trusting its contents, as cyber crooks can be very cunning and crafty.


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