Threat Database Adware 'FBI CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION' Pop-Up Scam


By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'FBI CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION' pop-up scam is categorized as a social engineering tactic that attempts to scare the unsuspecting users and force them to send money to the fraudsters disguised as professional fees or fines. As its name suggests, 'FBI CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION' pop-up scam claims that the FBI has locked the user's device due to restricted material being found on it. The tactic mentions that the content may be related to child pornography, child abuse, zoophilia pornography, and bulk-spamming specifically and that such content violates US federal law, specifically articles 161, 148, 215, 301. Users are instructed that to unlock the device, they should pay the required fees within 24 hours. If 48 hours have elapsed without any payment, an arrest warrant is going to be issued for the user. While it may sound frightening at first, the claims made by this website are entirely false.

However, that is not the only tactic employed by the fraudsters behind the 'FBI CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION' pop-up scam. They also attempt to trick their victims into calling a hacker-controlled telephone number that poses as a Google Support line by claiming that the device is infected with a virus capable of stealing credit card data and identity theft.

Of course, none of the claims made by this tactic are true. Users should just ignore all of them, and in no case should they call any of the listed numbers. Instead, they should use a robust anti-malware software to check their computer system for adware, one of the main reasons users land on tactics such as the 'FBI CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION' pop-up scam.


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