By ZulaZuza in Browser Hijackers is a suspicious browser hijacker website, which may pose as an authentic and protected search provider. may be connected with browser hijackers and adware that may access a computer system packaged with free software that is available for download for PC users on the Internet. Adware and browser hijackers pertaining to may be installed on the well-known Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. PC users should be careful when installing any free applications to their computers because they may encompass additional free software that may be installed on the PC automatically. Computer users should always follow the steps of installation and deselect options to install any unidentified apps. Adware and browser hijackers associated with may substitute the default homepage and search service with, or open it as a new tab window. These security threats may also embed numerous sponsored links to search results in any reputable search provider. Sponsored links may unwillingly reroute computer users to unknown websites that may display annoying pop-up advertisements.


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