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Fake VLC Addon Virus

By JubileeX in Browser Plugins

The Fake VLC Addon Virus is not a virus at all but an unwanted Web browser extension that claims to be related to the VLC Media Player, an extremely popular and legitimate media player. However, the creators of the VLC Media Player are not associated in any way with the Fake VLC Addon Virus. The Fake VLC Addon Virus is developed by a third party who uses the VLC brand to lend legitimacy to their attack. The main purpose of the Fake VLC Addon Virus is to trick inexperienced computer users into installing a fake Web browser add-on that will display numerous advertisements on affected Web browsers, may keep track of the victim's browsing habits and expose it to other, more severe forms of threats.

How the Fake VLC Addon Virus Infiltrates a PC

The Fake VLC Addon Virus is distributed using low quality advertisement platforms and redirects to the Web page, and similar low quality websites supposedly containing attractive video content. When the computer user visits these Web pages expecting a video (for example, after clicking on a social media link), a bogus error message will appear to claim that the computer user needs to 'enable' the required media player. Doing this installs the Fake VLC Addon Virus, which includes threats designed to mine BitCoin, several adware platforms and various threatening components. If you have visited the Web mentioned above or experienced similar error messages when attempting to view a video online, it is highly likely that a Potentially Unwanted Program like the Fake VLC Addon Virus has entered your computer.

Components Associated with the Fake VLC Addon Virus

The Fake VLC Addon Virus will rarely be installed on its own. The Fake VLC Addon Virus may be accompanied by an adware platform and several components designed to prevent the affected computer from detecting or removing the Fake VLC Addon Virus infection. They may also include several components designed to adapt the Fake VLC Addon Virus to different platforms or circumstances. Finally, targeted computers may also be infected with BitCoin mining software, which may try to take advantage of the infected computer's resources to mine BitCoin.


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