Ezy Photo Tab

The Ezy Photo Tab application is an add-on that claims to offer users editing tools, which would allow them to edit their photos and videos from their Web browser directly. However, the tools offered by the Ezy Photo Tab extension are available online freely. This means that the download and installation of any third-party applications to access the utilities and services offered by the Ezy Photo Tab Web browser extension is not necessary.

If you install the Ezy Photo Tad add-on, you will notice that your default new tab page has been changed. This is because the Ezy Photo Tab extension alters the settings of your Web browser without your knowledge. This is the typical conduct of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). The website that users of the Ezy Photo Tab add-on view every time open a default new tab page is hosted on Ezyphototab.com/newtab/v1/. This site hosts an elementary search engine that is not likely to offer you the organic results of your search queries. The Ezyphototab.com/newtab/v1/ site may prioritize sponsored content that may promote unsafe or low-quality products and services.

To reverse the changes done by the Ezy Photo Tab add-on, you have to uninstall the Web browser extension. This is easily done manually or with the help of a legitimate anti-virus solution.


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