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Advertisements from the EZPowerAds.com domain have been associated with various types of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). EZPowerAds.com is an advertising platform that is used to display adverts on Web browsers. EZPowerAds.com advertisements are often associated with low quality browser extensions, adware, browser hijackers and other types of suspicious components that are often bundled with freeware or shareware software. Bundling these types of components with freeware software will often allow software developers to monetize their creations without charging a fee for their programs. However, the fact that they interfere with the computer user's browsing means that they are seldom worth the trouble, especially when one considers that there are usually legitimate, free alternatives that do not require the installation of a PUP on your computer.

What Causes EZPowerAds.com Advertisements

Many computer users have complained that EZPowerAds.com advertisements appear after carrying out an online search or when trying to connect to a specific website. These types of symptoms, known as browser redirects, are meant to profit at the expense of computer users by taking over their Web browser. Advertisements associated with EZPowerAds.com typically promote special offers, deals and coupons for various bogus weight loss products, online pharmacies and similar known suspicious content. EZPowerAds.com is associated with pop-up windows, in-text inserted links and similar types of irritating symptoms. Most computer users will become affected with PUPs associated with EZPowerAds.com after installing a browser extension, plug-in or add-on that is usually bundled with a free program. While most of these types of browser hijackers give the computer user the option of opting out, in the specific case of EZPowerAds.com, the option to opt out is not there. This is behavior that is especially suspicious and may potentially threaten to your computer.

Why EZPowerAds.com Advertisements are Potentially Dangerous?

There are several reasons why PC security researchers advise against installing software associated with EZPowerAds.com advertisements. These include the following:

  • EZPowerAds.com may usually be associated with programs that are known to be potentially threatening.
  • EZPowerAds.com advertisements are associated with components that may keep track of your online activity.
  • EZPowerAds.com advertisements may appear in large numbers and can become annoying.
  • EZPowerAds.com advertisements may expose your computer to other forms of malware.
  • Removing EZPowerAds.com advertisements may be difficult without the help of a reliable anti-malware application.


The following messages associated with EZPowerAds.com were found:

Why am I getting Ads from EZPowerAds?

EZPowerAds serves online ads that may provide information such as offers, coupons, marketing deals, similar sites, etc. These advertisements may appear in the form of pop-ups, pop unders, intext links and other similar forms, when you browse the internet.

EZPowerAds is bundled inside third party software applications such as toolbars, downloadable games or other internet downloadable applications. If you see our ads it means that you agreed to see it during the process of installation of such third party software.


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