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'explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk' Fake Alert

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Several fake error messages are associated with System Repair and its variants; the 'explorer.exe – Corrupt Disk' fake alert is just one of these. According to ESG security researchers, System Repair belongs to a large family of rogue defragmenters that includes fake system utilities such as System Restore and File Repair. These fake system optimization programs all use the same scam, attempting to scare the computer user into buying an expensive, fake defragmenter tool by displaying constant error messages and causing problems on the infected computer deliberately. A computer displaying numerous error messages similar to the 'explorer.exe – Corrupt Disk' fake alert will often be infected with a rogue defragmenter or a rogue anti-virus program. This means that the problems described in the error messages do not actually exist; a malware infection causes the appearance of numerous error messages as part of a well-known scam.

The Scam Associated with the 'explorer.exe – Corrupt Disk' Fake Alert

The 'explorer.exe – Corrupt Disk' fake alert can be scary to a computer user since 'explorer.exe – Corrupt Disk' Fake Alert seems to indicate that there is a severe problem with the infected computer's hard drive. However, these messages will usually use this kind of alarming language; ESG security researchers have observed variants of these messages indicating that the victim's hard drive cannot be read or that the CPU is overheating beyond repair. Some of these messages will appear in pop-up windows. Others, like the 'explorer.exe – Corrupt Disk' fake alert, will use pop-up notifications from the Task Bar that are similar to legitimate system alerts used by Windows. In some cases, 'upgrading' the fake defragmenter by paying for a 'full version' will stop the messages. However, this is highly advised against since it allows criminals to steal your money while permitting malware to remain on your computer.

Other Symptoms Associated with the 'explorer.exe – Corrupt Disk' Fake Alert

Apart from numerous error messages, there are other symptoms that accompany the 'explorer.exe – Corrupt Disk' fake alert. ESG malware analysts have seen variants of these rogue defragmenters that hide the victim's files or prevent them from accessing their files completely. Browser redirects are also a commonplace in these kinds of infections, directing the victim to web pages where they are prompted to buy a 'full version' of the rogue defragmenter infecting their computer.


The following messages associated with 'explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk' Fake Alert were found:

explorer.exe – Corrupt Disk
Exception Processing Message 0xC0000397 Parameters
0x000003FB 0x7C8002CD 0x7C8006E9


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