Threat Database Trojans Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD


By GoldSparrow in Trojans

Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD is a JavaScript Trojan that is usually added into genuine websites that have been compromised by Web attackers. Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD injects a malevolent code into the compromised website. If a computer user visits or is unwillingly rerouted to the hijacked website, his PC gets affected by Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD. Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD can carry out numerous payloads. Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD contacts a distant Comman-and -Control (C&C) server and waits for further commands, which may result in a variety of attacks such as installation of bogus security tools, identify fraud, decryption of files and other. Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD typically installs itself on the corrupted PC through system vulnerabilities in the OS. Specifically, Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD uses applications running Java on the affected computer.


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