Threat Database Trojans Exploit:JS/ActiveXComponent


By Domesticus in Trojans

Exploit:JS/ActiveXComponent is a Trojan that proliferates as a JavaScript exploiting the vulnerability (CVE-2000-1061) to execute an arbitrary code. While being installed, Exploit:JS/ActiveXComponent makes system modifications by making browser modifications on the infected computer system. Exploit:JS/ActiveXComponent can modify the Internet Explorer homepage and add web addresses to a victimized PC user's Internet Explorer Favorites list. Exploit:JS/ActiveXComponent spreads via malicious or hijacked websites. Exploit:JS/ActiveXComponent is loaded if the Internet user visits hijacked or malicious websites. Exploit:JS/ActiveXComponent also changes computer settings including the Internet Explorer start page, adds certain domain names to the Internet Explorer Favorites list, open pop-up windows and loads other JavaScripts.

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File System Details

Exploit:JS/ActiveXComponent may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. file.exe 3c1edf9216b798ac842cf896027de6e7 0
2. file.exe c26fac98ac03ca96ced0474a11c79b1c 0
3. file.exe e2c649a9169024750bf6d2d7c2aed71c 0
4. file.exe bd6373ed56e84286a7e69d40b495a199 0
5. file.exe ab5425787c4256b5363e3b86e2d747f5 0


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