Threat Database Trojans Exploit:Java/Obfuscator.0


By GoldSparrow in Trojans

Exploit:Java/Obfuscator.0 is a computer Trojan horse that may lead to other issues that a computer users remains unaware of on their infected PC. The Exploit:Java/Obfuscator.0 may be associated with other malware where it could allow remote access through a connection obtained by a hacker who can utilize the vulnerabilities of Exploit:Java/Obfuscator.0. The Exploit:Java/Obfuscator.0 threat could be a gateway to allow cybercrooks access to personal information stored on an infected computer. Detection and removal of Exploit:Java/Obfuscator.0 is recommended to be performed promptly to limit the destruction that Exploit:Java/Obfuscator.0 may cause. Removal may be done through the use of an antimalware tool.


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