Threat Database Trojans Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I

Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I

By GoldSparrow in Trojans

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 90 % (High)
Infected Computers: 8
First Seen: March 9, 2016
Last Seen: March 11, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I is an exploit that may attempt to take advantage of vulnerabilities in Java and Flash simultaneously. PC security researchers have reported issues regarding Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I related to computer users' complaining that their anti-malware software (specifically Windows Defender) report issues with Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I repeatedly. In most cases, issues related to Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I have to do with Java. Computer users with issues related to Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I should take steps to remove Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I with a reliable security program, as well as verify that their version of Java and Flash are fully updated and functional.

How Exploits Like Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I may Affect a Computer

Trojans are infections that, unlike viruses or worms, are incapable of spreading on their own. They rely on the computer users themselves to invade a machine, either by using social engineering to induce inexperienced computer users into installing the Trojan or using a variety of exploits to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the victim's software or operating system. Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I is one of these types of exploits. Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I will try to take advantage of known vulnerabilities in Java and Flash to deliver threatening software, such as a Trojan to the victim's computer. The problems caused by Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I may be accompanied by the detection of multiple Trojan infections on the victim's computer. Because of this, the removal of any Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I detections will only be effective if steps are taken to ensure that the exploited vulnerability is no longer present on the victim's computer.

Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I is Related to Java and Flash Vulnerabilities

Historically, Java and Flash are two platforms that have been exploited by many threats, including Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I. There are several reasons for this:

  • Java and Flash are functional on multiple operating systems, meaning that a threat using the Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I exploit may infect a wider variety of computers.
  • Java and Flash have vulnerabilities that are well documented, and computer users may be neglectful when it comes to maintaining this kind of third-party software fully up-to-date.
  • Java and Flash may allow an exploit developer to gain access to higher-level functions on the victim's computer, which may enable the installation of threats or data collection.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using Java and Flash. However, both are being phased out gradually as Web browsing technology and programming languages improve. As of now, PC security researchers advise computer users to disable Java and Flash if they do not use these components on their Web browser regularly. If there is a component that must use Java or Flash (for example, a work-related component or an online banking feature) PC security analysts recommend using a separate Web browser for that specific task and limit the use of Java and Flash with that Web browser only to lower the risk of potential problems such as exploits like Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I.

Protecting Your Computer from Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I

The best way to protect your computer from exploits like Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I is to maintain all of your software fully up-to-date. The exploits that Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I may use to take advantage of have both been patched by Java and Flash's developers. However, computer users continue to be exposed to Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I because they fail to update their software regularly. Apart from keeping all of your software and operating systems fully up-to-date, it is also important to run regular scans of your hard drives with a reliable security program. An anti-malware program that works in real time to protect your computer from threats will be capable of detecting Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I if it has been properly updated. One effective way in which computer users can protect their computers from Exploit: HTML/Pangimop.I is by avoiding websites that may be linked to threats or suspicious activity.


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