is a browser-based tactic that aims to make users subscribe to its push notifications. Once this is done, the corrupted website starts delivering unwanted and potentially harmful advertisements, banners, and pop-ups directly to the user's PC or mobile phone. Visitors of this website see the following misleading message:

" wants to Show notifications

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!"

If they click on the "Allow" button, they give permission to send them browser notifications that advertise various dubious pages on the Internet, like websites with adult content that offer fake/cracked software copies, online gaming websites, and many others unknowingly.

If you see advertisements on your screen, you probably got redirected to it by another compromised website. However, your device also may be infected with an adware threat. Adware programs display annoying advertisements but also cause redirects to potentially unsafe resources that may install other malware threats on users' computers stealthily. Scan your device with an acknowledged anti-malware program as soon as possible to prevent future severe security and privacy issues.


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