is yet another empty website that tricks any unsuspecting user into subscribing to its push notification services. By doing so, will have gained the needed permissions to start displaying unsolicited advertisements on the screen of the affected device, thus generating monetary gains for its creators.

To achieve its goal, employs several social-engineering tricks such as posing as a captcha check that wants users to click 'Allow' to prove that they are, in fact, not robots. Additional fake alerts are displayed as well, claiming, for example, that users have to click 'Allow' to close the page.

Despite these messages' claims, all that happens when pressing Allow is that will start pushing unwanted advertisements to the user. The advertisements could become disruptive enough to prevent the normal use of the device's browser.

To get back to your normal browsing habits, you have to deal with Fortunately, it is not that difficult to stop this tactic website from affecting your browser. All that the affected user needs to do is to find the permissions tab located in the Setting menu of the respective browser and revoke anything associated with


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