is the name of a web domain and the unsolicited pop-up advertisements generated by that domain. The pages hosted on the domain will display a fake "Click here to prove you are not a robot" message overlaid on top of the page and create multiple pop-up boxes, urging the user to click the "Allow" button. This will permit the domain to send further unwanted pop-ups and advertisements that will impair your browsing experience.

Of course, clicking the "Allow" button will not take you to any real content on the pages as they are usually blank placeholders, intended to lure the user into permitting notifications. You should not click the "Allow" button, and your best choice is usually to simply close the browser tab or window containing the page.

In case you are using the Chrome browser and keep seeing unwanted pop-ups originating from, click the Chrome menu button located in the upper right corner of the window, next click on, then click on Privacy and Security and finally select Site Settings. In the new screen that shows up, you can click Notifications and finally remove from the list of sites that are allowed to send notifications to your browser. Once the domain is removed from the list, you should stop seeing any unsolicited pop-ups originating from

The best way to maintain your system clean from any further similar annoyances is never to click the "Allow" button when prompted by websites that look suspicious.


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