Description is an Internet tactic that uses a common social engineering technique to trick users into subscribing to its browser notifications. This scheme's primary purpose is to advertise untrusty websites and products by delivering aggressive banners and advertisements to users' computers directly.'s page itself offers no useful content but is only used as an instrument to receive users' permission to send them notifications. A message disguised as a CAPTCHA verification test asks visitors of the website to click on an 'Allow' button to confirm they are not robots. However, clicking on that button only means that the user agrees to receive browser notifications from this dubious website.

Content generated by may include fake warnings, offers and alerts. Yet, it also may contain corrupted scripts that redirect the user to potentially harmful websites or even install malware on users' computers directly. An important point is also that people usually land on pages like because some Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) is already running on their system, causing redirects to shady websites and services.

PUAs have other destructive features as well. They can collect user information, like browsing history, search terms, geolocations, but also login details, which may compromise the user's online accounts. The removal of browser hijackers like is complicated, as they infect the operating system on many levels; therefore, we recommend using an automatic malware removal program.